Tom Peck Speaks on His Atlanta SEO Company

I recently spoke with Tom Peck, an Atlanta SEO expert, about his company called “Force Boost” and in the following paragraphs, I’ll share his story with you. You’re probably wondering why I interviewed this guy in the first place. So, let me tell you. I get inspired by entrepreneurs. I love hearing about the struggle and the successes. Granted, every entrepreneur struggles, but I don’t have time to interview them all. So, why Tom? Let’s just put it this way. His story is unique…

So Tom, thanks for spending some time with us today. I was wondering if you could give a little background as to how you got started in SEO in the first place.

Atlanta SEO CompanySure Mark. Well, I grew up in a small town in Iowa where not too much of anything was going on. There weren’t opportunities to do something big, which of course, I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to run a least one business, if not a few, so to get a jump start on that, I started my own “business” [air quotes]. I bought into a program called SMC which stood for Specialty Merchandise Corporation. It was basically a reselling program where you paid them $350 a year for the rights to sell their imported merchandise. The stuff was super cheap and there were really high profit margins. In small town Iowa though, how much of that junk are you going to sell? Not much, Mark.

After that I worked with at-risk youth for a bit while I got my undergrad at Northwest Missouri State University. I majored in Psychology because I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to run an empire. I knew that I had to understand how people thought and how to communicate with them though, so that’s why I went that route. Soon after I graduated, I moved to Kansas City where I got involved in a sales company. We went business to business, selling office supplies. I got pretty good at it and opened up an office in Denver, Cleveland, and eventually Seattle, Washington. My duties during that time were to recruit, train, and develop sales managers all while driving sales for another company.

I guess I sort of got burned out on that because after 8 or 9 years of doing it, I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. I was driving sales, but probably not as much as I could. I had 10 – 20 people I was looking after all of the time. People quit, I had to fire people, and we were ALWAYS recruiting. It takes a toll on you at some point. Maybe I’m just a wussy, who knows, but one thing is for sure. I didn’t want to continue building another person’s business. During the last 6 years of running a sales office, I learned how to do reputation management for my office’s brand out of necessity, and then I just sort of parlayed that into local SEO for  small businesses. I’ll tell you what. It’s a lot more rewarding taking a small business that’s only doing, say $500 thousand a year to a multi-million dollar company. That’s a pretty cool feeling.

Wow, thanks for that Tom. We’re out of time, but how can people learn more about your internet marketing ventures?

They can check out my Atlanta SEO agency website, Force Boost, Inc. or they can call me at my office. Either way is just fine.

Thanks Tom.

Learn more about Tom and his online marketing ventures on his Force Boost page.

Top Sky Inc Nashville Reviews

These types of reviews are some of the most sought after articles on the internet these days. There’s good reason for it though. A lot of marketing companies, unlike this one, are scams and will take your money without delivering any new customers. They promise to drive traffic to your website through their internal search ranking system, but little do people know – their sites don’t get very much traffic. Marketing companies need to abide by a strict code of ethics in order to be successful and this is why this Nashville company is going to do well. In this article, I’ll tell you about my experience with this advertising and sales firm. I’ll also explain what they are NOT.

Sky Inc 4544 Harding Pike Suite 211, Nashville, TN 37205 (615) 891-5260

sky inc nashville reviews

One of the many facets of doing business includes getting customers…but at what cost? There are two main costs that I look at when dealing with the ethics of any marketing company. There are first the hard costs, meaning – what is it going to cost me to hire this company to get me new customers? Then, there are the collateral costs, meaning – what are the long term headaches that I’m going to have to deal with down the road as a result of hiring this company? With this company, there aren’t very many…actually there are none that I can think of.

I’ve repeated this many times over in some of my other company reviews, but if the long-term costs outweigh the short term benefit, than I’m not going to do business with the company in question. As for THIS particular marketing firm…they do a great job. They have long-term sustainability plans in action that not only guarantee results on the front end of their marketing campaign, but over the long haul as well. Read some of these Sky Inc Nashville reviews on the Better Business Bureau and see for yourself. They don’t have any client complaints and they have an A+ rating with this organization. That alone isn’t necessarily the reason to do business with a company, but it tells you something about them, you know?

I’ve seen many marketing companies come and go in my day and it’s such a shame. They will not necessarily scam you, but they just don’t deliver what they promised in the beginning. It’s always something with most companies. Either your search term was too competitive for them to do SEO effectively, or they needed to do this or that will put them over-budget. No they won’t refund your money, but if you give them referrals they will let you out of their contract. Isn’t that nice of them? Sky Inc Nashville is definitely not one of these little scam companies that pop up one day and are gone the next. They’ve done a great job with some of my face-to-face sales needs when I didn’t want to hire my own sales force.

You can read more reviews of Sky Inc Nashville on Facebook if you want, but they all say the same things. The company is expanding and there are many new opportunities opening up for their staff members to get promoted into. You see, the company has an internal advancement structure in which the leading employees get promoted into management positions pretty quickly. In my humble opinion, I think that this type of culture is what all marketing companies need to be doing. In other words, by living up to your promises and keeping your word, you will be around a very long time and profitable as well…just like this company.

Zerin Business Consulting Inc Review

Zerin Business Consulting Inc in McLean Virginia is one of the fastest growing marketing companies on the East Coast. In this review, I’ll explain why this is so and also how the company plans to expand into three additional markets in the next year. While this sounds like an impossible feat for most companies, the way this business is set up is a bit different.

Have you ever thought about switching careers? Do you think that your job is boring and you have no upward mobility? Well, that’s a pretty common story of all of the employees at Zerin Business Consulting Inc. All of them are motivated by more than just money. They are all motivated by opportunity.

Zerin Business Consulting Inc Opportunity

The opportunity in the direct sales and marketing industry is pretty phenominal. There are literally tons of companies out there that are looking for marketing and sales companies like Zerin Business Consulting Inc that they can outsource to. It allows them to focus their efforts on their own core competencies while the outsourced company focuses on theirs.

If you try to do everything yourself, you will be spread too thing to get anything done. The same goes in business. If you try to do the product development, assembly, distribution, marketing, logistics, payroll, customer service, etc. all by yourself, nothing will go very well for you and you won’t be able to scale your business.

Zerin Business Consulting Inc

Like I said before, the employees at Zerin Business Consulting Inc are motivated by opportunity. At this company there is more opportunity than there are employees. That’s why the company is hiring right now. They have a very limited time frame to get everyone up to speed so that they can expand into new territory. Since there is so much opportunity for advancement going around at this consulting company, all of the employees do their best to provide the highest quality of services for their clients. The payoff? They get promoted into a management position faster than someone who is just doing an ‘average’ job.

At this marketing firm in McLean, VA, they only promote their people into management based on competency and merit. Read more about that at this Zerin Business Consulting Inc page. Skeptics of this management training program say that only the owner of the company profits by doing it this way. Well, I think that’s true to some extend, except for the fact that they actually put their top performers into managing partnership positions. That’s right. The best performing employees get company ownership to share in the profits. That should shut the skeptics up.

I’ll tell you, I’ve been in the marketing industry for a long time now and I’ve seen a lot of different business models. I’ve companies that are scams and companies that are legit. I’ve seen companies succeed and I’ve seen companies fail. One thing is for sure, Zerin Business Consulting Inc is going to be around for a very long time. The president of the company, Mark Hodge states that his company will continue to outperform other marketing companies well into the next decade.

Marketing Campaigns that ROCK

When it comes to helping your small business, one of the best things you can do is to do what the big guys do and create a marketing plan on which you can actually take action. The word “action” is a very important distinction to make. The reason for that is they will serve to motivate you to taking action. That is not the intent of a marketing plan, but that is what will happen when you see your business goals and objectives laid out. There is a marketing company in Kansas City, Missouri called Strategic Campaigns Inc that does this very well. These plans contain quite a lot more, like also projecting your profit margins and the rest of your expenses within the pages of the plan itself. It’s vital to estimate a profit margin so that you can figure out the rest of your budget as well.

You might think that including details about your competitors is not all that important. See what Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City does about this on blogger! This company has a lot more going on than meets the eye. Kansas City marketing companies are all trying to do what these guys are doing…but to no avail.

Actually this data is extremely important because it will impact and guide your marketing. You should analyze your competition so that you will know precisely how to improve upon or avoid what they are already doing.

strategic campaigns inc reviews

The marketing company, Strategic Campaigns Inc says its best to write down and document everything about them that you can when you put your plan together. Then you simply write out your analysis and figure out which marketing and advertising strategies you should be doing and keep a record of them. For more information, check out Strategic Campaigns Inc on LinkedIn. This step is an addendum to both marketing and advertising that you are thinking about doing. You’re going to need to make adjustments along the way, get used to it.

Strategic Campaigns Inc Reviews the Approach

Beyond that, it makes it easier to figure out how to approach each individual opportunity. For more information on this, check out some of these Strategic Campaigns Inc reviews. An action plan, when used in concert with your marketing plan, will help you figure out exactly what you need to do to keep rising up in the ranks of your different levels of action. Let’s take a quick glance at direct mail for examples of the different steps that go into the planning of a campaign.

For direct mail, you need (at a minimum): printing services, a mailing list, a designer and a copywriter. See how Strategic Campaigns does this on Facebook. From there each thing can be broken down into different and individual steps. Building professional marketing plans requires time and work commitment but your business will definitely benefit from the effort.

Successful marketing and advertising endeavors get that success because tracking devices are in place. It is important to use tracking whenever possible so that you will be able to measure results; numbers are important. If you don’t do this, you won’t know what you’re doing and you will be quite a lot less effective. It fits into your marketing plans because it is how you know what kind of things you need to do so that you can better optimize your actions and get even more effective results. This data will help you increase your conversions whenever you can. It is important to update your marketing plan whenever you do that. The ripple effect will spread out into your entire business. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re done simply because you have completed a marketing plan, these plans are meant to grow right alongside your business. Strategic Campaigns Inc did that once and it definitely didn’t work. You should update them at least once a quarter and as needed along the way. This is a living document that is also a good record of your business’s history.

More info on marketing here.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Review

Veritas Inc Atlanta makes a specialty of direct promotion and sales in Georgia. The corporation began with a handful of associates about ten years ago, and subsequently has grown into around seventy cities throughout the nation. If you are asking yourself if a direct selling force will manage to benefit your enterprise, stay with me. Veritas Inc Atlanta stands out as the expert about the subject and a lot of of the upcoming advice originates from their recommendations.

Veritas-Inc-Atlanta-Employee-ReviewThe industry of direct marketing is huge. If you’re able to handle it, having a direct marketing group can potentially bring you millions of dollars in additional sales. Either get the direct marketing representatives all by yourself, or you may contract out the task. Veritas Inc Atlanta is an outsourced company, thus there are numerous advantages for them, but significantly more demands put on the corporations who work with them. So that you can hire a direct marketing squad by yourself, you should take into account your target audience, your products’ universal allure, your salary methods for your reps, initial funds required, along with your expansion objectives.

Some of the best marketing campaigns out there come from a company called Veritas Inc. They are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and serve as a face to other companies logos. Check out what Veritas Inc Atlanta is doing on their Veritas Inc resource page.

Veritas Inc Atlanta services big national corporations, and so the general attraction of the products of those corporations is abundant. These people support organizations within the industries of telecommunications, business products, electricity, mobile telecom solutions, and retail sales. Every one of these services are generally picked up every single day, so Veritas Inc Atlanta employees don’t need to bother about it. Even so, you should consider the actual size of your own markets. Do you have lots of competitors employing direct sales people? If your sales team go outside canvassing, can they perform the job without setting appointments?

In fact, if you are in the Atlanta metropolitan area, you should also research some great marketing channels by reading these Veritas Inc reviews. You won’t find a better resource for advertising campaigns than these.

Veritas-Inc-ReviewsYet another thing to take into account when determining if employing direct marketing associates is the salary of these team members. Will you hire them as employees or individual contractors? If you’re concerned with possessing a higher level of responsibility with the reps, you will see that the employee route is definitely the way to go. If you would like to kind of ‘set it and forget it,’ then the contract choice might be the best choice. In any event, the commission payment program has to be reasonable and rewarding for both sales volume and customer retention. Veritas Inc Atlanta employs individuals on an employee basis so the business can tightly keep track of quality. Veritas Inc Atlanta even pays out the highest commission fees in the profession, so people who favor autonomy don’t really mind the additional company’s power over the work they do and timeframes. For more info on Atlanta, click here.