Tom Peck Speaks on His Atlanta SEO Company

I recently spoke with Tom Peck, an Atlanta SEO expert, about his company called “Force Boost” and in the following paragraphs, I’ll share his story with you. You’re probably wondering why I interviewed this guy in the first place. So, let me tell you. I get inspired by entrepreneurs. I love hearing about the struggle and the successes. Granted, every entrepreneur struggles, but I don’t have time to interview them all. So, why Tom? Let’s just put it this way. His story is unique…

So Tom, thanks for spending some time with us today. I was wondering if you could give a little background as to how you got started in SEO in the first place.

Atlanta SEO CompanySure Mark. Well, I grew up in a small town in Iowa where not too much of anything was going on. There weren’t opportunities to do something big, which of course, I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to run a least one business, if not a few, so to get a jump start on that, I started my own “business” [air quotes]. I bought into a program called SMC which stood for Specialty Merchandise Corporation. It was basically a reselling program where you paid them $350 a year for the rights to sell their imported merchandise. The stuff was super cheap and there were really high profit margins. In small town Iowa though, how much of that junk are you going to sell? Not much, Mark.

After that I worked with at-risk youth for a bit while I got my undergrad at Northwest Missouri State University. I majored in Psychology because I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to run an empire. I knew that I had to understand how people thought and how to communicate with them though, so that’s why I went that route. Soon after I graduated, I moved to Kansas City where I got involved in a sales company. We went business to business, selling office supplies. I got pretty good at it and opened up an office in Denver, Cleveland, and eventually Seattle, Washington. My duties during that time were to recruit, train, and develop sales managers all while driving sales for another company.

I guess I sort of got burned out on that because after 8 or 9 years of doing it, I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. I was driving sales, but probably not as much as I could. I had 10 – 20 people I was looking after all of the time. People quit, I had to fire people, and we were ALWAYS recruiting. It takes a toll on you at some point. Maybe I’m just a wussy, who knows, but one thing is for sure. I didn’t want to continue building another person’s business. During the last 6 years of running a sales office, I learned how to do reputation management for my office’s brand out of necessity, and then I just sort of parlayed that into local SEO for ┬ásmall businesses. I’ll tell you what. It’s a lot more rewarding taking a small business that’s only doing, say $500 thousand a year to a multi-million dollar company. That’s a pretty cool feeling.

Wow, thanks for that Tom. We’re out of time, but how can people learn more about your internet marketing ventures?

They can check out my Atlanta SEO agency website, Force Boost, Inc. or they can call me at my office. Either way is just fine.

Thanks Tom.

Learn more about Tom and his online marketing ventures on his Force Boost page.